Cosmic Keys To My Creation & Time

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I’ve wanted to get this down for a while.  I have an interesting view when it comes to this.

I once heard someone call their body their “meatsuit” and it got me thinking.  What is a body?  Why do we place so much importance on it?  There are so many people that place judgement on a person for their body, but never stop to consider the person inside that body.  

My view is that our body is nothing more that our vehicle.  We can see the world though the eyes, hear sounds through the ears, and express our thoughts with the vocal chords.  But really what you and your body are are two entirely different things. And you leave your body behind when you die. 

I think a person should put more effort into bettering “themselves” before their “vehicle.”

Basically, I try to live my life by looking past a persons body, or “vehicle” and trying to see the person inside.  And it has helped me relate to people, it’s helped me look past differences, and it’s helped me kind of see that while we are all special, and we are all essentially equal.

hi hello if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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the g spot

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SERIES TRADEMARK: In each of the three films a common theme is that Marty always ends up in a public drinking place, shortly after arriving at his time destination and is confronted by a Tannen shouting “Hey McFly!”. In Back to the Future, shortly after Marty arrives in 1955 he walks into a café and is drinking a coffee whilst his father George McFly is sitting next to him. Biff Tannen comes in and shouts “Hey McFly!”, to which Marty acknowledges but doesn’t realize Biff is shouting his father. In Back to the Future Part II, shortly after arriving in 2015 with the Doc, Marty enters the 80s nostalgia café when Griff Tannen (Biff’s grandson) shouts “Hey McFly!” to Marty’s future son (Marty Junior) who just entered before him. In Back to the Future Part III shortly after arriving in 1885 Marty enters the saloon and is confronted by Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen who shouts “Hey McFly!” confusing Marty with Marty’s great, great grandfather Seamus McFly. 

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